Our Range of Touring Systems are made from extensive R&D to meet the demands of Touring Engineers and musicians the world over.


Foe Venues that have space constraints we have just the right systems that will meet your every need. they are portable yet powerful!

For those who always want an individualistic Flavor coupled with their needs we have just the right package for every cadre of clients.

For those who want to make sure they do not over drive events, our teleprompters will do the perfect Job. They are great for announcements for those on stage too! 

When we decided to start making Line Arrays we looked at the problems people had which included, Complex Deployment routines of Line Arrays and high Cost of owning a Line Array. So we decided we wanted it to be as easy as possible not compromising professional standards top of which for us is Clarity, Power and Deployment routine for who ever chooses to own these systems.
We went on to highlight some fundamental Requirements of a line array cabinet no matter its design.
• Full bandwidth or frequency Response which spans across, Low, mid and Hugh Frequencies.
• Axial symmetry so that left, right and center (or which ever clusters) behave identically.
• Driver selection and enclosure design such that all cone drivers are identical and properly crossed over

• Flat or very narrow (<10°) vertical pattern in the waveguide
• Waveguide exit must occupy at least 80% of the height of the module in order to
produce a “continuous” wave front.
• Minimal size and weight for the available output.
• Simple, fast and reliable flying hardware.
• Simple, fast and error-proof cabling and signal routing for each cabinets especially when deployed for active use

Our Line up includeDual 10/12 inches Ground Stack DJ Arrays [Cube Style]
Single 10/12 inches Flyable DJ Arrays [Cube Style]
Dual 10/12 inches Arc Arrays
Single 15 inches Arc Arraysminded