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Our Services

Asides from Pro Audio Manufacturing we offer the following Services 

Pro Audio Rentals

For your Events, Small, Major or Minor

Stage Telemonitors and Stage Prompters

For Timing, Texts, Reminders but for generally why you were invited to the stage in the first place

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Repairs and Maintenance

Your Equipment is Safe with us, Lets take a professional Look at it and restore them back to best working Conditions 

Loudspeaker Remodeling

No matter How that loudspeaker looks, we can bring it back to life and make it Presentable again

Loudspeaker Rigging

Sometimes the Problem could be solve with rigging your loudspeakers right. With all the necessary safety Techniques and Procedures, you are safe with us.


System Integration/Calibration

 For some Tuning the system to sound right is the problem but it takes an Understanding the right technologies, especially the ones that match. This is one of our strengths. We understand and know how to match technology with Technology for the best possible output.

Worlds of innovation

Having worked with various Brands of Loudspeakers, we decided to try our hands on our  brand and the result is better heard!

Time is of essence

Most of the time, loads and loads of equipment users wait until their equipment beg for maintenance, but guess what we have just the perfect maintenance plan for you.

your Location?

With our experienced team of Maintenance Engineers, just give us your address and we will bring the workshop to you as long as you are on the map we will find you!

Some things we do for the Love of it . . .